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You want to save time and money? All you need is a working permit visa?

Job / Flat

You are searching for a job or flat but you just receive negative replies or no replies at all?

Phone / Bank Account

You need a new phone contract or you want to open a bank account with the best possible conditions?

And many more

There is almost nothing, we cannot help you out with. Just let us know...

Planning & Preparations

What do I need to live the German dream? How can I prepare best?

Arrival & your first days

You are already abroad and you feel completely overwhelmed by the challenges? Find your friend abroad to help you out!

Getting comfortable

You want to save money?
You want to save time?
And you want to feel like a local? Click here!

We provide professional help to make your move to Germany as easy, quick and cost-effective as possible.

How it works

  1. You will learn how to prepare yourself before coming to Germany, what to expect and what to not forget before leaving.
  2. We help you to find an accommodation and we will officially register you here in Germany.
  3. By an application training, you will understand how the German job market works, what you need to find a job, how to apply and how to finally get a working contract.
  4. Insurances, tax system, working permit and visa requirements, laws, regulations and rules. We will inform you about the key aspects of integration as well as help you to get along with them.
  5. German classes, cultural workshops and deeper insights into working and living in Germany helps you to adapt as quick & easy as possible.
  6. Our visa extension service and additional offers help you to become a fully integrated person in Hamburg.

What you are investing in

Yes, there is a lot of information in the internet, yes, there are translation programs and yes, you can do everything on your own. Theoretically. Still, there are a number of reasons why to rely on professional help and even more why to rely on

  • Time: how do you prevent to get lost in all the different information and opinions?
  • Money: how can you make sure to find the best offers?
  • Efficiency: how do you stick to your goals and avoid getting interrupted by details which are irrelevant at the end?
  • Reliability: how can you know that the information you find online is still up to date? 
  • Independence: how can you always get an independent overview of all your possibilities?
  • Trust: who can you trust when you found an offer which sounds too good to be true and you don’t know whether to trust this offer or not? leads you step-by-step and shows you “how it works in Germany”. We ensure that every hour and every euro you invest is worth it.

Your benefits

On this website we provide free information on one hand and offer personal services on the other hand. Our goal is to successfully integrate you in Germany and do everything possible to release stress, responsibility and time consuming activities from you so that you can smoothly arrive in Germany and enjoy your new life here instead of running from one place to another, desperately searching the right place to apply for a working permit and wasting time and money in processes that we know how to accelerate to your advantage and costs. This is what we call “Live the German dream”

What we offer

We will lead you through all stages of integration and ensure that you never get lost in the jungle of misleading information, misunderstandings and cultural barriers.
You don’t have to care about

  • Language barriers
  • Your Visa (how you get it, the process, where to go first, which documents you need,…)
  • Your working permit
  • Finding an accommodation
  • Applying at a German company
  • Signing a working contract
  • Signing all relevant insurances
  • Getting a telephone contract
  • Install WiFi at home
  • Open a bank account
  • Getting around
  • Buying a car or bike
  • Finding a kindergarten, school for your children
  • Cultural differences in everyday life
  • Business Culture
  • Language courses
  • How you manage all these things, the processes, where to go first, which documents you need, how much it may cost, that you spend more money than necessary, legal requirements and all other worries that people without friends abroad have.

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We are your friends-abroad

Our goal is to provide foreigners the possibility to live in Germany. Therefore we provide different service from visa application processes, receiving working permits, getting a social insurance number, a health insurance (for medical check ups) and other insurances, renting a house, apartment or flat, getting an official address (residence), finding a job (to officially work in Germany), getting and understanding a German employment contract (working contract), finding German classes, opening a bank account, acquiring a mobile phone contract, WiFi (WLAN) or landline contract, being allowed to drive a car in Germany (with a European driver’s license understand German culture, living, habits, language, working style, public transport system and many many more. Summarized: we help you to live the German dream.

Also we want you to be best prepared before coming here. So we want you to know about the importance of letters of recommendation, proof of financial resources, long-term visas, Schengen-visas, visas for studying (university visa), Blue Cards, Job seeker visas, Freelance visas, extending the duration of a visa (renewal) or getting a permanent visa (permanent residency), regulations and requirements (e.g. the minimum salary, photo specifications), the immigration process in general, all kind of support, services and guidelines, language courses (e.g. at the Goethe Institute) and other very interesting topics. Of course, you can also find the links to the official websites. We provide online information, where you can look up all relevant topics for your move to Germany as well as descriptions of our paid services and how we can help you in detail with our consulting services.

Everything you need to live abroad successfully. We help you out – like very good friends. We are your friends-abroad.